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Web Design

Best ways to interact with your customers!

Plantus Media develop a compelling, diverse and super-customized website that showcases your brand distinctly in this crowded marketplace. Our experts, with their hands-on approach with the latest web technologies such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, etc. We guarantee to build an impressive web-design for your business that will pull customers like a magnet to your site.

We start the development only after having a detailed session with the clients to make sure that we understand their needs entirely. Our results show themselves in the intuitive design with vibrant colors that elevate your company and products to the next level. We know every business is different and don't

believe in the philosophy "one size fits all." We provide you customized solutions as follows:

Corporate website development

While developing web-design for corporate, we follow a customer-centric design approach with elements that are sure to capture their attention. We understand that a good website not only has to look great on the front end but also be optimized at the back end for speed and smooth page transitions. We have explored the nitty-gritty of the web technology mastering the secret sauce of compelling user engagement.

Dynamic Websites

Our team is expert in creating Dynamic Designs for your website. With our dynamic website design services, our clients get full control of a functionally rich, fine-tuned and interactive website. We know that user interactivity plays a significant role in the success of a site. Therefore, we offer high user engagement by using interactive elements and lightweight animated objects which are developed through CSS3 transitions, Canvas and SVG. We are one of the renowned dynamic web design company in India who is into creating highly interactive websites having amazing aesthetics for clientele across the world.

Website Revamping

Are you not able to meet your online marketing goals with the current website? If you need better functionality, enhanced UX (user experience), or looking for a more sophisticated look, you need a fantastic web design company who can deliver you beyond your expectations. At Plantus Media, you will get everything you desire.

•  We will provide you a user-friendly, uniquely designed website which will increase your conversion rate.

•  You will get instant credibility.

•  Clear & concise Content management to spread compelling marketing ideas.

•  Revamping all the site pages, to give the user, a call-to- action message.

•  Our revamping website services will help your website to improve its performance for a long time.

•  It will also help you in getting higher ranking.

Don't let your first impression be the last one; it's time to change, give your customers something new, better, fresh and leave a strong imprint on them.

Interactive Website

Time to engage your audience visually!

At Plantus Media, experts design responsive websites to make sure your site provides better compatibility to the user and delivers a great user experience as well. It should be same whether used on any mobile device. We are into providing mobile experiences which can allure more viewers and keep them engaged, to meet your business goals and increase your ROI.

We use the best of the technologies to analyze the market and then provide you a compelling interactive website to keep your audience engaged and to get the desired results. Our SEO team works hard to provide your site the content, which will help you in ranking higher and provide your better exposure.

Website Maintenance

You might be having an excellent website, able to attract customers, keep them engaged and optimized for search engines, but you need to maintain its reputation as well.

We, at Plantus Media, will provide you the desired website maintenance, so that you won't have to worry about keeping it optimized or engaged. We offer website maintenance services to make sure:

•  Your website is updated as per the changing needs and demands.

•  The website has an online helpdesk where you can quickly send your updates, and our team member will take care of the changes instantly.

•  Website updates meet your site's content needs, overall site improvement, ecommerce special, product/service updates and interactivity maintenance.

It's essential to perform regular upkeep for your site, to impress your customers as well as to encourage them to take the desired action. We know the technology is evolving rapidly, that's why we want your site to grow with it and keep its presence on the internet.

We are here to keep your site up-to- date, to make sure it runs smoothly and to keep the burden of maintenance off your shoulders.

Portal Development

Portal is the best and most efficient way of showcasing the respective areas. Plantus Media is the most compelling, robust and transparent web portal development company. We collect your business requirements and accordingly provide most efficient and advanced web portal development solutions.

We provide you the best platform, through which you can communicate with your customers. We can easily create a portal as per your business requirements, whether it's a B2B portal, Community portal, E-commerce portal, B2C portal, Job portal, Matrimony portal, or any other portal. Tell us about your business, what you want, and we ensure to deliver the best solutions.

E-commerce Website

Our web developers create websites that are not only functional but also attractive. Our design philosophy represents creative UI/UX development, with thoroughly researched content optimization techniques. We deliver innovation with our every website. We do not settle for the normal, we provide the best, beyond your expectations!

We understand that your e-commerce website has to be up and operational all the time to serve your customers. Therefore, our due diligence ensures that nothing is left, in providing you a well- deserved E-commerce website.