Digital Marketing


Web 2.0 with the rise of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. has changed the game altogether. They not only allow your customers visit your page but also enables you to engage with them intimately. Not just a digital presence but a digital communication and engagement is necessary for successful brand building.

Our digital marketing experts are master storytellers and know the power of personalized communication. We develop creative and innovative digital marketing strategies that are sure to become viral campaigns. We enable your business to reach as much as customers as possible with a thoughtfully crafted message about your brand. Our various services in digital marketing include.

We provide services such as:

Search Engine Marketing or SEM

Your website is like a digital footprint, which makes it essential to top the search results. You might be having a great site but still, if you are not prepared for SEM, you are going nowhere. With digitization, the competition is becoming more rigorous and making it difficult for clients to get an effective branding.

We use different strategies such as SEO, PPC, etc. to get noticed by the search engines. We are certified agency and choose as well as implement the best online solutions as per the need of your project. We develop an inclusive search engine marketing strategy for you after performing a systematic analysis as per the requirements of your business.

Mobile App Marketing

App stores from Apple and Google are flooded with millions of mobile applications. Without a right promotion strategy, making your customer aware of your app is impossible. We at Plantus Media have the secret mantra to your app discovery. We ensure that your mobile app gets downloaded thousands of times. Our cutting-edge marketing techniques are proven to drive app downloads.

Social Media Marketing

We are with you at every step of a social media campaign, right from customer discovery, brainstorming persuasive messages, and creating a strategy to reach potential customers. We manage your brand's pages everyday ensuring you are there to hear them when they call you.

We understand your business challenges and objectives and help you in getting full control of your messages across the social media networks. Our social media marketing services will include brand management, social consultancy, social tone & nature, social PPC, social PR, social media monitoring, productive discussion, cross-channel promotion, reporting, and analysis.

Email Marketing

More than 90% people are using their emails for official as well as personal work. E-mail marketing is the prominent way of marketing your business online. We can design customized email marketing strategies for your business so that you can keep connected with your customers. It is the best way to build loyalty as well as trust in your brand.

Our Email marketing services will help you in building relationships with your potential customers, generate leads, loyalty in existing customers and get back the lost customers. It is a natural, flexible, cost-effective and efficient way of marketing.

Content Marketing

Our content marketing services will enable you to build credibility and authority amongst your audience, across the web. We produce as well as promote targeted content via paid media or SEO.

We help you increase your sales, retain your existing customers, boost your brand awareness and attract more customers by our proven content-marketing strategies.

W provide valuable, relevant and consistent content to your audience to save your presence on the internet and to get an edge over your competitors.