Corporate Branding


With our corporate branding solutions, we will build a unique identity for your business, create a brand name. With it, you can enjoy the edge over your competitors.

A brand is not developed overnight, it takes time, a compelling proposition, a desire to build the gap in the market and to go one extra step to achieve it. It's important to showcase the growth of your brand, to show where you were, where you are now and where you want to go.

Becoming a brand means proving to be the superior one, becoming the best amongst all and with our solutions, irrespective of the industry you are in, you will become a brand for sure.

We offer various services to make you the Brand :-

Logo Design

A logo is a first and foremost element of branding your business. It represents your business as well as helps in attracting new customers. Whenever people witness an eye-catching logo on any promotion or ad, it stands out. At times, people might forget the name of the company but not the logo, because of its catchiness and coolness.

Plantus Media have professional designers who will design such a logo for you, which will make you standout amongst all, provide you a competitive edge and will help you in effective branding.

Corporate Design

Corporate design is the official graphical representation or design of the company name, logo, etc. which will be used everywhere on its forms, letterheads, folders, leaflets, brochure, envelops, etc. Our professional enthusiastic designers always come with an innovative and engaging design, to make yours a unique one. We want to build such an identity for your brand that it remains in the mind of the user for decades.

Corporate Profile & Brochure

We know that every company needs a profile design to showcase their profile details creatively. What you do, how you do, what are your services/products, milestones, etc. all will be included in your company profile & brochure. It builds trust in the consumer about your business. When someone visits your site, they check the homepage and then company's profile to get an idea of who you are and what you do.

Plantus Media offers you creative design for your company profile, along with informative, structured content to keep your audience engaged. The same is with the brochure; we will help you in designing your company's brochure to showcase all about you in the most creative way.